Whirlpool W8 W046WR PL washing machine

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Whirlpool W8 W046WR PL washing machine is an attractive purchase proposition. We are talking about a capacious 10 kg washing machine with direct drive. There is no belt, which sometimes likes to slip or break. You are relieved of one potential failure.

That’s not all, by the way. The beltless drive reduces operating noise and vibration. The equipment won’t annoy you with noise and won’t dance around your bathroom (although it’s worth leveling, of course).

Dirt removal efficiency of the highest, by the way, at this price and in this combination could not be otherwise. You will get rid of greasy food stains from your clothes or dirt from wine, coffee or any other product in no time.

And you won’t spend a lot of money on this work efficiency. Whirlpool W8 W046WR PL is an energy- and water-efficient A-class washing machine. Something for people who are not fond of increasing utility bills. Operation of the equipment will not expose you to losses.

The steam function is a furore, as it works in as many as 3 different ways. Initially, it appears at the end of the cycle to remove bacteria and smooth the clothes. It also serves as a stand-alone refresh cycle. A good alternative to airing or simply washing the fabric. You will remove bad odor and microorganisms from the fabric.

And that third steam option? It’s about situations in which, for some reason, you can not immediately remove the laundry from the drum. Then the washing machine uses gentle drum movements and steam blasts to maintain freshness through circulation. Useful, right?

This high-quality automatic washing machine can wash in cold water and offers quite a few programs (even for quilts, pillows or wool). It could only be shallower, as the depth reaches 64.3 cm. Such, however, is the price for great insulation combined with a nice drum. If you have the space for this appliance, it will not disappoint you.

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