What really is the Nike Sportswear collection?

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The Nike Sportswear collection was designed for all lovers of sports and good style. Often when going to training or competitions, we had to jump into ordinary tracksuits, which were far from the fashion canons. The Oregon-based brand’s designers have changed the outlook. They include many icons from Nike, which, after all, has a mega-rich history.
In this article, we will introduce you to the most important products from this collection, which have been making Nike history for decades by bringing it to the pedestal of sportswear and lifestyle. They have become undisputed style icons that many companies around the world have modeled after.

AW77 hoodie
The iconic AW77 sweatshirt series was first created in the Nike stable in 1977 for an innovative athletics club that the Nike brand supported called Athletics West, hence the abbreviation AW77. It is designed for everyday use. Made of the highest quality materials, it provides comfort and convenience. It adapts well to the wearer’s figure and is made of soft, pleasant-to-touch material. Its creator was the founder of the Athletics West club himself, Geoff Hollister, who also worked for the Oregon-based American company.

Destroyer Jacket
This classic jacket unveiled by Nike Sportswear undoubtedly inspires appreciation. It is a classic model of the American sports jacket. To sew it, designers used materials, hems and joining methods designed to protect against the harshest weather conditions. The first jackets went to the now-defunct Dunk High Destroyers team.
The Nike Destroyer jacket is distinguished by sleeves made of high-quality leather, which highlight its classic style and ensure durability. An insulating lining keeps you warm. You can get the perfect fit with the ribbed collar, cuffs and bottom hem.

N98 Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt has a very interesting and fashionable cut, which is perfectly evident when you take a close look at it. The cut is inspired by sweatshirts from the N98 series – a classic among Nike Sportswear models. The sweatshirt was created for the Brazilian national soccer team during the 1998 World Cup, which took place on the fields in France.

Geoff Hollister’s classic jacket or sweatshirt design is a classic style. Windrunner became the face of Nike apparel in 1978, at a time when the company was mainly known for making shoes. Today, ultimately, this jacket continues to impress and excite with its great looks, versatility and use as it was then – years ago. In its more than 40-year history, the Nike Windrunner has remained true to its principles with a 26-degree color-break-you can see it at a glance, excellent breathability and unmatched weather resistance for training or everyday use.

Sneaker with an amazing history, which celebrated its 40th birthday in 2012. The tegpo model is named after the Spanish conquistador, conqueror of Mexico Hernán Cortés. It was Nike’s first classic cross-country shoe, created in ’72 just before the Munich Olympics in Germany, its creator was none other than Mr. Bowermann. He surprised everyone at the time with the shape and execution of the upper, lightness and slim shape which was a revolution in those years!!! Characteristic of the Cortez is the “herringbone” sole, which provides a solid base. The first Cortezes were made of nylon, but over time this one was also made of leather, which is sure to appeal to fans of this classic. Cortezes are still running kilometers on the streets and treadmills!!! They are also part of the cult film Forrest Gump, in which Tom Hanks in the title role ran across America in these very shoes :-).

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