Traditional pendant lamp or unusual ceiling light?

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The lighting, the strength and color of the light, as well as the appearance and character of the lamps chosen, have a huge impact on the design of rooms. Modern decorative trends are increasingly abandoning traditional pendant lighting in favor of more unusual solutions.

Suggestions for unusual ceiling lamps

Simple lamp shades were fashionable decades ago – today they are replaced by decorative wires, geometric shapes and exposed bulbs. Here are some ideas for rare lighting with character. The largest and most beautiful chandelier is usually chosen for the living room and possibly the dining room, depending on the layout of the apartment and the utility of each room. In living rooms with classic decor, where the walls are painted in light colors and the furniture is elegant models with fine ornaments, a traditional curtain rod, including, for example, a model decorated with small crystals, will work well. What lighting to choose when you want to break with tradition and create a more modern decor?

An interesting option may be rail lighting, which is a system of lamps mounted on aluminum guides. The positioning of the lamps on the rail can be freely configured, and thus you can choose which parts of the room you want to illuminate best. Rail lamps work well in large open spaces, where at least several points of light are needed to fully illuminate the entire room.

Another suggestion is a pendant lamp with an unusual design. For example, it can be a model resembling a spotlight from a movie set, or a decorative bulb hanging on a long cord that looks like a thick cord. Lamp shades consisting of thin wires and exposing the bulb are also popular. Wire structures look great in minimalist and Scandinavian interiors, especially since they are usually arranged in geometric shapes.

Unusual models of lamps in different rooms and styles

Exactly what model from a visual or practical point of view will work in a particular room depends primarily on its purpose and design. Unusual models of lamps such as the proposed light bulbs on strings or movie spotlights look best in modern interiors, which are enriched with recently fashionable raw accents. Such additions are also welcome in loft style, especially since they go well with the furniture characteristic of this trend.

When looking for unusual lighting, it is also worth considering models designed for specific rooms. For example, in the case of a bedroom, these can be lampshades deceptively reminiscent of clouds that loom from the ceiling or, if we are talking about a child’s bedroom, wooden airplanes suspended from a cable. When choosing lighting, it is worth paying attention to how a particular lamp model diffuses light and adjust this parameter in terms of the room it is to illuminate.

A strong point source of light can glare at the eyes, especially in the bedroom, in the evenings, after you have already gone to bed. A similar situation can occur, among other things, in the dining room, when a lamp is hung over the table, directing the light directly at the people sitting at it. In other rooms, such as the kitchen, for example, where you want to illuminate the countertops, it is spot lighting that may be the best choice.

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