The famous three stripes – the logo of Adidas

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Adidas shoes – a definite leader among sports shoes, which is certainly worth trusting

Adidas is a brand with a very long history, over the years of its activity it has already managed to build a very secure position in the market of sports clothing and footwear, as well as the trust and affection of their users. Today it is one of the most recognizable companies, almost everyone associates the famous three stripes – the company’s logo. Adidas shoes are now some of the most popular and most widely worn shoes. Why is this so and why is it worth trusting this company?

Adidas brand – a company with a very long history

One of the reasons to which Adidas owes its great popularity and level of trust among customers is certainly the fact that the company’s seniority is more than 90 years. For almost a century, Adidas has had time to make a name for itself, develop quality and earn the trust of consumers, among them regular and loyal customers. It all started when two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf, decided to start a joint company in 1924. Their joint brand engaged in the production of sports shoes existed for 8 years – after which time each brother decided to go his own way. One of the brothers – Adolf – then created his own company, naming it after himself. The name Adidas was thus a combination of the first name Adolf and the last name Dassler. Adidas shoes continued to enjoy the high quality developed during the previous company’s 8 years of operation. And this is still the case today.

The famous three stripes – the logo of Adidas shoes

Adidas shoes for running, as well as for other sports, are marked with a very distinctive logo, consisting of three stripes. They have long adorned Adidas brand shoes. Over time, another logo appeared alongside the three stripes – three vertically arranged leaves, but decorated at the bottom with three horizontal stripes. Some of the new Adidas shoes are decorated with this new logo.

Cult and new Adidas shoes

Among running shoes and other sports styles, there are classic models that have already become almost iconic, but more shoe models are still being developed, which are not only suitable for sports, but also for everyday use as comfortable sports shoes, as well as shoes that fit into streetwear style.

Adidas women’s shoes

Adidas shoes also offer a wide range of women’s shoes. As you know, shoes for men and for women differ not only in insole length, cut and method of sewing, but also in appearance. Of course, there are many universal models that will work equally well for women and men, but sometimes ladies want to have on their feet a typically feminine cut in pastel colors or with pink or floral motifs, which, as we know, will not necessarily appeal to men. Among Adidas women’s shoes there are both typically sporty cuts, running shoes and casual models.

High quality and the best technology

Certainly, what sets Adidas shoes apart from the footwear produced by its competitors is the very high quality of workmanship. The company’s footwear is made of the highest quality materials, which are selected in such a way as to allow the shoes to adapt to the needs of the wearer, depending on the application. Thus, running shoes are light and airy, soccer shoes are sturdy, strong and tough, and casual shoes are comfortable and protect against cold and water. In addition, throughout the brand’s existence, Adidas has continued to improve the technique of making shoes, striving to make them even more comfortable, as well as more durable and strong, so they can serve for a very long time, remaining in good condition.

Adidas – the eternally fashionable brand

Adidas is a German clothing brand, which all the time occupies a very high place in the market when it comes to the popularity of its products. Moreover, Adidas is the world’s leading sportswear company. The Adidas logo is known all over the world, not only for its products, but also for its numerous campaigns and sponsorship of various sports teams and events.

What does the Adidas brand have to offer to modern users?

Adidas is a brand that closely observes the fashion market and changing trends. New collections that come out from time to time meet the modern needs of consumers. Sports clothes have long ceased to serve only in sports halls, the sight of clothes with three stripes in the logo is already the norm in almost every city. Adidas clothes are very comfortable and fit perfectly into street fashion. Probably this is the secret of Adidas’ success – its clothes are wanted by everyone, people who are physically active and those who have nothing to do with sports.

Adidas T-shirts and sweatshirts are only part of the range

Adidas has a very rich assortment, so there is something for everyone. Almost every sport can be practiced in the brand’s clothing. Adidas athletic shoes, T-shirts, Adidas sweatshirts, pants, caps, backpacks are just part of what the brand can offer us. For each advertising campaign, Adidas engages well-known people who only highlight the quality of the clothes. It is also worth mentioning that Adidas clothes are designed with different seasons in mind – a lover of winter craziness or summer laziness is sure to find plenty of necessary products signed with three stripes. Do not forget that Adidas is not only clothing and shoes, but also sports equipment. Among other things, the brand offers balls and gloves.

Is quality also behind the popularity of the Adidas brand?

All the company’s products, starting with Adidas shoes and ending with caps, are made of high-quality materials, so they can last for years. What’s more, the material of the clothes is tailored to the sport in question, making it more than comfortable to wear. Adidas designers work with athletes so that the clothes they design meet all the needs of physically active people. The quality of Adidas products is also evidenced by the fact that the company continues to maintain a very high level of sales all the time. Its stores are available almost all over the world.

Adidas – more than clothes

There is no doubt that the Adidas brand is more than a simple clothing company. Its novelties are very often met with exceptional interest, which results in hour-long queues in stores or instant sales. People who want to wear clothes with three stripes every day as part of their daily styling can be sure that they will be fashionable and meet with the approval of others. Adidas has been operating in the world market for 70 years and is even identified with the style of clothing. This is evidenced, among other things, by the fact that sports shoes, even from other brands, are called adidas.

Adidas – fashion for everyone

The hard work put into creating products of the highest quality and meeting the highest demands of users has made Adidas a leader in sportswear. However, Adidas shoes, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other Adidas clothing have also been appreciated by others. The company’s clothes reign on the streets, becoming synonymous with quality, comfort and casualness.

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