Special features of Nike PRO clothing

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Special features of Nike Pro series clothingThe Nike company offers clothing for athletes practicing various sports, both for amateurs, those simply leading an active lifestyle, and for professionals. Athletes should be interested in the range of Nike Pro clothing.

Special features of Nike Pro series clothing

Nike Pro products use unique technology and high-quality materials. Nike Pro clothing provides maximum comfort, whether you choose shorts, leggings, T-shirts or other clothing items. Noteworthy is Nike Pro thermal underwear, which reduces chafing, perfectly wicks moisture away from the skin and guarantees a perfect fit. As a result, athletes are supported in their quest for the best possible performance. The use of Nike Pro technology makes the clothing in this series perform multiple functions:

  • quickly and effectively wick away moisture – Dri-FIT technology ensures the transport of moisture from the skin to the outside, guaranteeing dryness,
  • reduce chafing – thanks to the use of flat seams or sewing, the material can move smoothly over the body, and some Nike Pro products have a seamless design, so there is no overlap with the seams of the outer layer,
  • provide a great range of motion – they guarantee freedom of movement, as every Nike Pro garment – raglan sleeves, or ergonomically designed elastic gussets, are sewn with the athlete’s optimal range of motion in mind,
  • perfect fit – compression or fitted cut, provide muscle support and full concentration on the task at hand.

Types of Nike Pro materials

In the family of materials offered by Nike under Nike Pro technology are:

  • Nike Pro Cool – a material that provides ideal ventilation and is used for sewing thermal underwear that quickly wicks away excess moisture, leaving the skin dry and cool, while allowing for ideal muscle support and body contouring.
  • Nike Pro Warm – works well as thermal underwear, providing warmth, support and fit on the one hand, and moisture wicking on the other. – Nike Pro Hypercool – a technology that combines zonal ventilation with light wicking of excess moisture, so that optimal thermal conditions can be achieved during even the most intense physical activity.
  • Nike Pro Hyperwarm – a technology that combines two functions: wicking away moisture through a fabric equipped with zoned ventilation, and retaining heat next to the skin on cold days without the risk of overheating.
  • Nike Pro Hyperrecovery – a technology that uses compression zones to aid recovery after physical activity.
  • Nike Pro Hypercompression – technology that uses zones of varying degrees of compression, thus providing zoned compression, but with optimal freedom of movement.
  • Nike Pro Hyperstrong – a technology that combines lightweight protective inserts with moisture-wicking fabric to provide athletes with good coverage in sensitive areas of the body.

Nike Pro’s wide selection of materials and apparel means that every athlete will find the right clothes for him or her, which will perfectly meet his or her needs and requirements.

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