Sony 43inch TV KD-43X85K

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When the Sony KD-43X85K hit the market, I was simply blown away. I didn’t think a slim 43-inch 4K TV could offer so much. Deep blacks, 120 Hz refresh rate, PS5-ready (4k at 120 frames), Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos… and that’s still not all! Check out the review below for details.

The 43-inch TV with the best picture (and for gaming!).

The point of this ranking is to show you the models that generate the best possible picture. Sony KD-43X85K fulfills this premise like no other 43-inch equipment!

It runs on a great VA matrix with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. What does it give you? The 4K impresses with its depth of blacks; the high contrast ratio outclasses its competitors. Blacks are downright tarry (for an LED LCD receiver), not gray or gray. You will delight in many a movie screening.

The high refresh rate, on the other hand, comes in handy when playing games or watching sports (or dynamic scenes from action movies). There is no question of annoying streaking or skipping. The intelligent software of this top 43-inch TV inserts dark frames to reduce any blurring.

A sharp picture without lag won’t interfere with you watching a match or fast-paced console gameplay. And speaking of games… this is a high-quality 43-inch TV with HDMI 2.1 (actually, with 2 such ports). This makes it suitable for the latest consoles, such as PS5. It will not limit their technical capabilities.

The naturalness of colors is enhanced by the X1 processor and TRILUMINOS PRO technology. Reproduction stands at a high level, you will appreciate it, for example, when watching beautiful landscapes from TV series or movies, including nature films. The faces of actors in close-up also look natural. Sony KD-43X85K does not over-saturate colors, and balances the color range well.

As if that wasn’t enough, the light sensor adds its own. It matches the brightness of the image to the environment to enhance the viewing experience. You don’t have to adjust anything, this modern 43-inch TV for your room or living room does it all by itself. And if you’re watching mostly regular terrestrial TV, the quality will also be boosted (interpolation to 4K).

Looking at deep blacks, natural colors, excellent smoothness and wide application, the Sony KD-43X85K is the best 43-inch TV of the new generation. It works well in tandem with a PS5 console, and also delights during movie screenings or sports shows. What more could you want?

43-inch TV with Google TV and AirPlay
A very important criterion for evaluating the best 43-inch TVs is their Smart TV system. This one from Sony KD-43X85K must appeal to you. It’s Google TV, which is very similar to Android TV. It will offer you a lot of apps and features, but with easy operation.

The menus are easy to read, you will quickly master them. All the available streaming services give you a total of more than… 700,000 movies and programs to choose from! This is not just a 43-inch TV for Netflix, YouTube or Apple TV, but for many other resources with multimedia entertainment.

Sony TV is very fond of Apple devices, as it supports AirPlay. It will wirelessly transfer content from your smartphone to the larger screen. Chromecast built-in, in turn, does the same, but with games or mobile apps!

You have a wealth of possibilities that are easy to get caught up in. This is a very functional 43-inch TV with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its technological innovations only complement the positive opinion I have to give it.

I highly recommend you to buy Sony KD-43X85K, because at this price it’s even a bargain. Especially if you are wondering which 43-inch TV with Netfilix or Dolby Vision provides deep blacks and natural colors.

Now you know which 43-inch TVs are the best. You don’t need to ask for recommended TVs on forums or read other blogs. Remember that I update the lists on the portal, especially after new series of devices enter the market. Changes do not bypass the 43-inch TV market.

As you can see, it is easy to find a very modern receiver at an affordable price. It will serve you not only for digital terrestrial TV (without needing a DVB-T2 HEVC set-top box), but also for watching, for example, Netflix in good quality, and even playing the latest game console.

On the other hand, it will not take up too much space, the diagonal of 43 inches is not a giant compared to others.

Have an additional question or your own opinion about the 43-inch TV? Use the comments section.

Considering an even smaller model? Then check out the ranking of 32-inch TVs. They, too, are ready for DVB-T2, although they necessarily do not offer 4K (they are too small for this resolution to make sense in them).

Keep in mind that while good picture quality on 43-inch TVs is possible to get, a somewhat dumb sound is often disappointing. The solution to this problem will certainly be a good soundbar from the ranking. Not all models cost a fortune, and my list shows several price segments.

If the generated picture and sound are aggravated by a weak signal, think in turn about a home room antenna for receiving digital terrestrial television. Simple and inexpensive solutions to such problems.

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