Samsung Dual Cook Flex Oven

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I’m not a fan of two-chamber ovens with a separator and independent chambers. It doesn’t always work perfectly, usually increases the price, and it’s hard to predict how often it will be used.

That’s why I somehow don’t particularly like a good portion of Samsung’s Dual Cook ovens. But when the name Flex appears next to this addition… a lot changes. And it’s a big plus!

What specifically?

A door that becomes split. Either you open them all the way, or only the top part. Useful when, for example, on the top you bake meat that falls out of sight, and on the bottom you bake a cake or other sweets that I can not droop and lose their texture.

Well, and there’s nothing stopping you from baking on one floor, it’s a dual-zone oven with double thermo. This will save some electricity.

The manufacturer’s combinations with splitting the cooking zones did not negatively affect the capacity. Ba, this equipment will provide you with as much as 75 liters. This is more than many competing models with a more standard design.

The thermo-circulation works great. The hot air will toast your food on all sides – whether you use the split zones or use the equipment like a regular (single chamber) oven. The unit heats up in no time, which is another plus.

Interestingly, this double split built-in oven offers not only 2 separated chambers, but also… 2 self-cleaning systems. You’ll benefit from either steam or catalytic cartridges. You have a choice in this, and both ways quickly soften grease and other dirt.

After such a process, you’ll easily wipe off the residue from inside the oven – without scrubbing. Especially since the manufacturer has used ceramic enamel. It cleans up quickly.

The automatic programs are – note – as many as 60. You will program a mass of recipes, so that the oven selects the style of operation according to the type and weight of the food. It’s like encapsulating the knowledge of an experienced chef in an oven. Often you don’t think about the settings, the equipment selects them for you.

You control everything with a touch panel with a display. It takes a while to learn it, but even older people should have no problem with the operation after a while.

Telescopic slides hold vertical even with considerable extension and in the case of a heavy cookware with a dish you are whipping up. The door, although split after all, closes slightly in both variants of use. They also remain cool during baking.

As you can see, in this particular case Dual Cook makes a lot of sense. Significantly, the solution for separating the zones does not reflect somehow very much on the price. Even without it, this well-regarded oven performs admirably in the premium segment. It offers a ton of amenities you’ll find useful.

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