Nike Air Max

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Wondering where to buy Air Maxes? We look at where the phenomenon of these athletic shoes came from.

We can’t imagine modern streetwear fashion without sneakers. The comfortable footwear that has permeated the sports world is not only an indicator of comfort – we wear them practically at any time of the day or night, juxtaposing them with denim, as well as dresses and even a suit. Among the flagship models that have been adored by fans for many years, Air Maxes cannot be overlooked. Nike sneakers have lived to see many versions, and each season the brand surprises us with increasingly bolder color proposals. We check out what made these men’s and women’s athletic shoes so popular, and suggest you where to buy Air Maxes.

Where did the Air Maxes come from?

The history of the iconic sneakers dates back to the 1980s, and the inspiration for the unique shoes came from… an installation placed in front of the Pompidou Center in Paris. The designer of the first Air Max model was so impressed by the architecture of the building that he decided to weave it into the emerging design of the sneakers. Unveiled in 1987, the Air Max 1, with a sole showing the shoe’s interior and the air cushion inside, started a sneaker revolution. They immediately became a hit due to their innovative design and the comfort offered by the innovative, cushioning gas cushion. To this day, successive Air Max models still boast better and better cushioning, making sneaker fans feel as if they are moving among the clouds.

Where to buy original Air Maxes?

Over the course of 30 years, Nike’s flagship model has even become an object of sneakerhead worship, so when considering where best to buy Air Maxes, you need to be vigilant to avoid fakes. Fortunately, on you will find only original models. What is worth paying attention to? Since the beginning of the premiere of the sneakers, there have been many versions of them – each is distinguished by a unique design and a slightly different level of cushioning (as a result of upgrading the gas cushion). The model that will permanently enter the sneaker classics is certainly the Nike Air Max 90 – ideal for fans of the 90s aesthetics, with a timeless shape. Also worth noting is the Nike Air Max 95, which looks like the human body: the midsole is the “spine,” the inserts are the “muscles,” the lace eyelets are the “ribs,” while the mesh upper is the “skin” of the shoe. This model, unlike the Air Max 90, also has more visible air cushions in the sole. Also interesting models are the distinctive galactic pattern Nike Air Max Exosense and the futuristic Nike Air Max 2090, which is a variation of the 90.

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