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Mango’s Style Guide for Plus Size Fashion

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In the world of fashion, Mango stands out not just for its chic designs but also for its commitment to inclusivity. Recognizing the diverse body types of its global clientele, Mango has curated a collection that caters to plus size fashion enthusiasts. This guide aims to highlight the best of Mango’s plus size offerings, ensuring that every woman feels confident and stylish in her skin.

  • Mango’s plus size collection is tailored to flatter diverse body types.
  • Emphasis on comfort without compromising on style.
  • Versatility is at the forefront, with pieces suitable for various occasions.

1. Understanding Your Body Shape

Embracing Your Unique Silhouette

Before diving into specific pieces, it’s essential to understand and embrace your body shape. Whether you have an apple, pear, hourglass, or rectangle shape, Mango’s collection has pieces tailored to highlight your best features.

Body ShapeCharacteristicsMango’s Recommendations
AppleBroader shoulders and bust, narrower hipsFlowy tops, V-necklines, structured trousers
PearNarrower bust and waist, fuller hips and thighsA-line skirts, structured blazers, wide-leg trousers
HourglassDefined waist, balanced bust and hipsBelted dresses, high-waisted trousers, wrap tops
RectangleBalanced bust, waist, and hipsLayered outfits, belted waists, peplum tops

2. The Power of the Right Fit

Prioritizing Comfort and Style

One of the most crucial aspects of fashion is the fit. Mango ensures that its plus size collection is not just about larger sizes but also about the right fit. From structured seams to adjustable waistbands, every detail is crafted to offer maximum comfort.

3. Versatile Tops and Blouses

Elevate Your Everyday Look

Mango’s range of tops and blouses for the plus size collection is all about versatility. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or a casual day out, there’s a top to suit every occasion.

StyleFeaturesBest Paired With
TunicsLonger length, often with slitsLeggings, skinny jeans
Wrap TopsAdjustable fit, flattering V-necklineHigh-waisted skirts, trousers
Peplum TopsFlared waist, adds structurePencil skirts, straight-cut trousers

4. Dresses for Every Occasion

Flattering and Functional

Mango’s plus size dress collection is curated to offer styles for every occasion. From flowy maxi dresses to structured shirt dresses, there’s something for everyone.

StyleFeaturesSuitable For
Maxi DressesFull length, often flowyBeach outings, casual days
Shirt DressesButton-down, often beltedWork, semi-formal events
Wrap DressesAdjustable fit, ties at the waistDate nights, evening events

5. Structured Outerwear

Layering with Elegance

Outerwear can elevate any outfit, and Mango’s collection ensures that you have options for every season. From lightweight cardigans to structured blazers, layering has never been more stylish.

StyleFeaturesBest Paired With
CardigansOpen front, varying lengthsTops, dresses
BlazersStructured fit, often single-breastedTrousers, dresses, jeans
Trench CoatsBelted waist, classic designAlmost any outfit

6. Bottoms that Complement

From Casual to Formal

The right pair of trousers or a well-fitted skirt can make all the difference. Mango’s plus size range offers a variety of bottoms to complement different tops and occasions.

StyleFeaturesBest Paired With
Wide-Leg TrousersFlared from the hip, comfortableStructured tops, blouses
Pencil SkirtsFitted, often knee-lengthBlouses, peplum tops
PalazzosExtremely wide-legged, flowyCrop tops, fitted blouses

7. Accessorizing Right

The Finishing Touches

Accessories can enhance any outfit, and Mango offers a range of stylish options. From statement necklaces to chic belts, the right accessory can elevate your look.

AccessoryFeaturesBest Paired With
NecklacesVarying lengths, statement piecesDresses, tops
BeltsAdjustable, varying widthsDresses, trousers, skirts
EarringsStuds to danglersAlmost any outfit

Styling Tips for Plus Size Fashion

1. Embrace Patterns and Prints

While solid colors are timeless, don’t shy away from patterns and prints. Mango offers a range of printed dresses and tops that can add a touch of vibrancy to your wardrobe. The key is to choose patterns that complement your body type.

2. Highlight Your Assets

Every individual has features they love about themselves. It could be a defined waist, toned arms, or shapely legs. Use clothing to highlight these assets. For instance, if you have a defined waist, belt your dresses and tops to accentuate it.

3. Invest in Good Lingerie

Undergarments play a crucial role in how an outfit looks on the outside. Investing in well-fitted bras and underwear can make a significant difference in your overall appearance and comfort.

4. Don’t Fear Fitted Clothing

There’s a misconception that plus-sized individuals should stick to loose, flowy clothing. While flowy dresses and tops are great, fitted clothing can be equally flattering. Mango’s tailored trousers and fitted dresses are designed to flatter diverse body types.

5. Play with Layers

Layering can add depth and dimension to an outfit. Use Mango’s outerwear collection to experiment with different layers. For instance, a cardigan over a dress or a blazer over a blouse can instantly elevate the look.

Footwear and Accessories

1. Choose Comfortable Footwear

While heels can be a great addition to certain outfits, comfort should always be a priority. Mango offers a range of stylish yet comfortable footwear options, from flats to block heels.

2. Opt for Longer Necklaces

Longer necklaces can create a vertical line, giving an elongated appearance. Mango’s collection of necklaces offers various lengths to suit different outfits.

3. Use Handbags to Your Advantage

The size and type of handbag can influence the overall look. A medium-sized structured bag can complement most outfits without overwhelming the frame.

4. Statement Earrings for the Win

Statement earrings can draw attention to the face and away from areas you might be conscious about. Choose from Mango’s range of danglers, hoops, and studs to add that finishing touch.

Does Mango offer custom tailoring for its plus size collection?

While Mango ensures a diverse range of sizes, they currently do not offer custom tailoring. However, their collection is designed to cater to a wide range of body types

How often does Mango update its plus size collection?

Mango frequently updates its collections, including the plus size range, to stay in line with global fashion trends.

Are there any specific fabrics to avoid or prefer in plus size clothing?

It’s essential to choose breathable and comfortable fabrics. Mango’s collection emphasizes materials that offer comfort without compromising on style.

Can I find workwear in Mango’s plus size collection?

Absolutely! Mango’s plus size range includes formal wear suitable for the workplace, from tailored trousers to structured blazers.

How do I choose the right size when shopping online?

Mango’s official website provides a comprehensive size guide. It’s recommended to take your measurements and refer to this guide before making a purchase.

Are there any styling services offered by Mango for plus size fashion?

While Mango provides a plethora of styling inspiration through its campaigns and lookbooks, they currently do not offer personal styling services.

How do I care for my Mango clothing to ensure longevity?

Always follow the care instructions provided on the clothing label. Proper care ensures the longevity and durability of the fabric.

Does Mango offer international shipping for its plus size collection?

Yes, Mango ships its collections, including the plus size range, to various countries. It’s best to check their official website for specific shipping details.

Are there any seasonal collections in the plus size range?

Mango introduces seasonal collections, ensuring that you have fashion-forward options throughout the year, be it summer or winter.

How does Mango ensure the quality of its plus size collection?

Quality is at the forefront of Mango’s ethos. From the choice of fabric to the stitching details, every aspect undergoes rigorous quality checks.

Stay tuned for more insights and tips on embracing plus size fashion with Mango. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, and every body type is beautiful. Embrace your unique style and wear it with confidence.