Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Forever

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Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Forever smells further sweet, perhaps even landry. They also feel vanilla and white-flower chord, but all elements were presented “more expensively”. The complexity of the composition was also increased, which for me is its most significant advantage.

The new version is memorable, intriguing and quite unusual. It was not created in my opinion on the basis of the classic unveiling – they are completely different perfumes. Moreover, in the official descriptions you can read about the classification of this fragrance as a chypre. Of course, you won’t find oakmoss here, but the presence of the Evernyl molecule is more than likely. I mention this because it is this molecule that makes up a large part of the impression of “baccaratness” – a well-known chord that is copied in a lot of products today, and which I also sense in I Want Choo Forever.

In addition, the fragrance has an interesting marzipan-cherry fruit chord. There is a dose of sour notes, a hint of woodiness. This, in turn, makes the composition not glaringly secondary. It may somewhere allude (to a small degree, however) to the atmosphere of Delina and Very Good Girl, because rose and fruit nuance are important protagonists here. They combine the themes of natural plants with preserves and even subtle echoes of rose powdery.

I really like something that I haven’t read about in the materials. It’s an “electronic” chord, something molecule-like, elusive, as if an electric current ran through each note. Certainly this is an aftermath of the use of synthetics, but not at all a disadvantage. Well, and it’s also positive that the base doesn’t flaunt low quality. We feel that budgets were cut for it, but all the time we see that it is “something more” than the foundations of popular mainstream items.

Final opinion on Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Forever perfume.
I think it’s a really polished formula, without a doubt better and more ambitious than the original.

character: sweet

  • original design
  • avoiding going into cheap, mass notes, despite budget constraints

Notes: rose, almond, cherry, jasmine, vetiver, vanilla, tonka bean, oakmoss
Year of release: 2022
Creator: Louise Turner, Sonia Constant
Price, availability, line: eau de parfum available in 40, 60, 100 mL.
Persistence: good, about 6-7 hours

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