Jacques Lemans Hybromatic

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The watch presented today is the Jacques Lemans Hybromatic 1-2109G.

This model is an excellent example of the realization of the set, mentioned in the introduction, goals that this Austrian manufacturer sets for itself. Already at the first glance at it, the watch looks interesting, fashionable, thus fitting into the current trends for sports timepieces. At the same time, it uses modern technical solutions, and the build quality stands at a good level.

It’s time for us to take a closer look at it. I will also try to provide more information about this model to prove that the positive opinion about it is justified.

This is a sporty watch kept in a style that is very fashionable today, being a variation on the theme of watches of this type produced in the 1970s. The round, classic-shaped envelope with integrated ears and bracelet is today the basic motif of this trend of watch design from the visual side. It is 42 mm in diameter and 12 mm thick.

The envelope is made of steel and is – as it turns out – attractively finished.

The integrated bracelet mount consists of a pair of ears descending in each other’s direction, including with their upper surfaces, which visually gives the effect of their slightly angled position. The upper parts of the envelope are finished with brushing. So are the sides and the bottom of the envelope. A pleasant surprise is the use of beveled edges between the planes. The resulting lines, with a small width, are polished to a high gloss. Such a solution gives an attractive look, and, importantly, is not often seen in watches offered at this price ceiling. The resulting contact lines of surfaces finished in different ways may not be spectacularly sharp and expressive, but the visual effect is good enough, especially from a price perspective.

Likeable and attractive design

An important element of the envelope of many sports watches is, of course, the telescope.

On the Jacques Lemans Hybromatic model, this is the element that makes the watch evoke associations with diver’s watches. This is probably an intentional action of the manufacturer, because it is a well-liked, attractive style. Moreover, given the fact that nowadays the vast majority of diver watches are not used at all in contact with water, such styling without the exorbitant water resistance-related parameters that go with it is not at all surprising.

Although in this case the water resistance class is up to 100 meters, which in the vast majority of applications for which watches are usually used is completely sufficient, including recreational diving.

The aforementioned scope faces the outline of the envelope. On the edge, which is polished, it has quite gentle cuts. The slanted part reaching the insert is circularly brushed. The inlay is probably made of aluminum and is two-tone. Its upper part, between the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, is clearly in blue, while the lower part is red. The scale visible on the scope is a diving minute scale. Every 5 minutes is marked with Arabic numerals, with dots still visible in between.

A modern designed, tapering crown at 3 o’clock adds character to the watch. It is used, of course, to set and correct the time display in the first position, and when you pull it back to the second position then it is used to correct the date display

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