How to do daytime makeup?

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The main task of daytime makeup is to cover imperfections while highlighting a woman’s natural beauty. We usually wear this type of makeup every day for work, school or university. Wondering how to do daytime makeup? Read our article and delicate makeup will come out perfectly for you.


Makeup will never look good if your skin is unkempt. Proper skin care is the key to success. Before makeup, you should do an enzyme scrub and then apply a moisturizer to your complexion. The next step is to apply foundation to the complexion, because in daytime makeup our base should be well-moisturized skin. It is best to pat the foundation in with a special sponge. Next, pull out your makeup brushes, as you will need them to apply concealer. This product should only be applied on imperfections and under the eyes, if you own visible bruising. The last stage of skin makeup is to apply powder to fix the foundation and concealer, this step is especially recommended for owners of oily and combination complexions, as the powder will eliminate shine and shimmering of the skin during the day.


Why go for face contouring products? After applying facial cosmetics, you get an even, uniform face. Wanting to add shape to your face you should use bronzer and blush. The bronzer should be gently smeared along the cheekbones, as well as at the hairline on the upper part of the face. When applying blush, it’s a good idea to smile gently, then the highlighted cheeks are easier to paint in the right places. It’s a good idea to apply highlighter to the very tops of your cheekbones, which will make your skin look crisp and youthful. Start your eye makeup by painting your eyebrows. Currently, heavily marked eyebrows are “passe”. The current trend is the so-called fluffy brow, for which you will need a special eyebrow soap. With it you need to comb your eyebrows upwards, and then fill in the gaps with eyebrow-colored crayon. Eye makeup in a typical , “day” should be delicate. Opt for light lines at the corners of the eyes, you can do them with eyeliner, as well as brown or black eyeshadow. Next, carefully and accurately brush out your eyelashes – lower and upper. Be sure to avoid lumps on your eyelashes, as this looks extremely unsightly.


For daytime makeup, go for a soft gloss or satin lipstick in a nude color. Never choose strong colors like red or brown for everyday wear. Such shades wear off easily and leave unsightly holes that are difficult to even out, for example, after lunch at work. If you want to optically enlarge your lips, it’s also worth gently outlining them with a lip liner.

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