Health Care Reform Impact On Employers

Health Care Reform Impact On Employers

Healthcare reform:

Healthcare reform refers to the revolution in the field me medicine and health. It has totally changed the view of medical field. It as a whole indicates better care for everyone, better diagnosis for everyone and better medication, prescription and treatment for every patient out there.
According to Affordable care act (ACA) now all people can get health insurance so they will be able to enjoy more health benefits. Health care reform helps patient make coverage from illness more affordable.


A person or organization that hires employees or worker for job or works that is being paid by the employer on hours bases or day bases or even a month bases.

Effect of health care reform:

Health care reform has totally changed the life of the people belonging to various fields of life. The “HEALTHCARE REFORM IMPACT ON EMPLOYERS” is worth-noticing.


The EMPLOYERS in hospitals are greatly affected by the healthcare reform. With the invention of new latest healthcare software in the market. Use of software costs very low to the patients and that’s ultimately results in less gain of profit.  Advantage of it is that employers are need to hire less employees which means less pays to be paid. But health care reform has provided the most effective treatment, diagnosis, medication, prescription and cure till date.


Critics arranged a survey at the medical workplaces to get the views of nurses about the reform. They found most of the staff of nurses with negative point of view. The staff that has experienced the ups and downs of the reform is with negative points about the care of the patients and about all other dealings in the hospitals or clinics or other medical centers. The nurses who have not experienced the reform in healthcare centers are quite satisfy with everything.

Paramedical staff:

Paramedical staff is also very much effective because of healthcare reform.  Machinery replaced people and somehow gave rise to unemployment.


Patients are very satisfied with the healthcare reform. They are being provided the best medication and cure treatments. Diagnosis is now very easy job for the doctors and patients are enjoying better treatments.

Use of latest technology:

For this purpose latest technology is used that includes use of latest software and instruments. Here as compared to latest technology employers are in challenge to hire more efficient and brilliant staff which is even highly experienced in the respective field.

Impact on pharmacy employers:

Pharmacies are under huge pressure due to this reform. Pharmacy employers have to give job to more qualified staff. They are facing increased demands of having good diagnostic technicians during the interplay of supply of drugs and medicines.  Hundreds of schools are established out there that are preparing very talented pharmacists. This will even give a more tough competition to future lot and is a challenge for employers to select worker on merit base.

Reform primarily demands prime care of patients and affordable best treatment in time and is a great step towards better bright future.