Electrolux LOE8H31V Oven

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The best white built-in oven? For many people, yes, which is why it made it to the oven ranking. Excellent equipment for roasting meats, because it offers a thermosounder. You’ll easily get the desired degree of baking by being able to determine the temperature you want the dish to reach.

The heat, assisted by a high-quality thermo-circulator, toasts food on all sides. And as you learn to cook more and more dishes, AssistedCooking will help you. From a long list of available foods, you select the one you’re baking, and the appliance adjusts the time and heating mode accordingly. Simple and effective.

Do you usually cook the same or very similar dishes? Then save the settings you use most often in the oven’s memory. Selecting any options is made easy by the text LCD display on the panel.

Looking for a good oven with self-cleaning? This is where you’ll find them. It may not be pyrolysis, but it is steam cleaning. Short and effective for lighter dirt. More than once it will save you from manual cleaning of the chamber.

Returning to the culinary possibilities, I will call this equipment multifunctional. Why? Because of the various settings, such as for grilling (including accelerated and even turbo), keeping warm, defrosting or humidifying. There was also a special program for pizza.

As you can see, the Electrolux LOE8H31V is in many ways a top-of-the-line grill oven. Plus it’s white, so if you’re looking for this style for your kitchen, you’ve already got your leader.

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