Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra

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The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra is an upright vacuum cleaner that is supposed to be just perfect, as its price indicates. But is it really so? I decided to find out by conducting an independent and very thorough test. Find out all the conclusions and make your purchase decision easier!

Reading the description of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra upright vacuum cleaner, I sometimes wondered if it was an upright vacuum cleaner or some kind of space-age equipment.

A laser in the head? Measurement of collected dust particles? A self-cleaning brush? Automatic suction power adjustment? Yes, Dyson’s next flagship offers these and a multitude of other features and technologies.

But the description doesn’t reveal everything, so hands-on testing is key.

In my step-by-step review, I will evaluate the V15. I will discuss for you its design, functions, parameters, comfort of use, and conduct a series of vacuuming tests: hard floors, carpets, dander, various objects and places, as well as the interior of the car.

After such reading, you will easily decide whether this is the upright vacuum cleaner for you.

Let’s get to the specifics!

Equipment and construction

Already by the size and weight of the oblong box of the Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner, I felt that the equipment would be rich.

I wasn’t wrong. See what it contains:

The body with motor, filter and control panel, the tube, 2 batteries, 2 electric brushes are still not enough. Additional cleaning accessories include up to 6 items, including a mini electro-brush.

Of the finer things, there’s also a tube-mounted holder for 2 tips. And while we’re on the subject of storage, in addition to the standard wall station, the Extra version offers a free-standing docking station.

Overall, a lot of it.

In the following paragraphs, I will give you a detailed introduction to the performance and use of the various parts and their components.


Dyson did not make a revolution here in terms of visual aspects. The central unit is very reminiscent of the one known from the previous series.

It looks modern; I would say even a bit futuristic. The important thing is that it hides a digital motor that spins at up to 125,000 rpm. On top of that, it generates as many as 14 cyclones, so it doesn’t clog the filter and doesn’t reduce the suction power during operation.

The design of the body is linear, so to speak: trash can -> motor -> filter. All in line and upright (when you vacuum). This amplifies the speed of operation and also carries several implications.

In most upright vacuum cleaners, the main filter (such as the pre-filter or foam filter) is right next to the trash can, and sometimes even in it. Here, it’s at the end (that purple piece), it’s powered, and in addition, the 0.76-liter trash can won’t be removed from the central unit.

Is this a bad thing?

No, because the manufacturer has thought through these solutions well.

By the way, see how the mechanism for emptying the container and removing the filter works.

Hygienic (because contactless) dumping of dirt + trivial access to the filter.

Being at the filtration system, it is 5-stage. Captures up to 99.99 percent of microscopic particles and allergens as small as 0.3 micrometers. A big plus if you have a young child or struggle with allergies.

While the price of the Dyson V15 is not low, the operation itself has virtually no cost anymore. Here you don’t have to change the filter for a new one often, because it is washable under running water.

Just below the handle, on the other hand, there is a 7-cell battery. The Extra version has 2 included, which doubles the vacuuming time.

You detach the cell freely from the body to charge it, so you can vacuum and charge the second battery at the same time, no problem.

The construction of the body is airtight, it makes a good impression in terms of durability. However, it wasn’t made of some cosmic materials; it’s just good-quality plastics.

An important part of the central unit is the control panel with display. It is so interesting that it deserved a separate point, so let’s move on to it.

Laser Slim Fluffy vacuum head

Another feature Dyson has not given up on: 2 completely different electric brushes. Compared to many other vacuum cleaners, it’s not just the brush itself that you swap out for another, but the entire head.

The first one, called Laser Slim Fluffy, is designed for convenient vacuuming of hard floors, i.e. parquet, laminate, tile, etc.

This head brush has several layers, including anti-static carbon fibers (those black strands).

It should glide smoothly across the floor, picking up dirt from the floor, which I’ll thoroughly test later in the test. Interestingly, you can wash the roller under water without worry (of course, it must be dry before reassembly). This makes maintenance easier.

There is also something extra in this component. It’s about the green laser, which you can turn off at any time.

What is its task? To illuminate the floor to show you the specks that are invisible at first glance. I like this type of convenience, so another thing to check out.

Pros of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra

  • I really tried to raise the difficulty level of my tests as much as possible, but the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra already amazed me with its performance on Eco mode. The only situations where I felt more of a need to turn on Auto or Boost were when vacuuming with extra tips, such as the Versa mini power brush. In the cases of floor heads, Eco was completely enough for me. This is the most efficient vacuum cleaner I’ve met so far.
  • V15 is one of the most powerful-quietest upright vacuum cleaners. Since the Eco mode already pulls in dirt brilliantly, you’ll get a balance between high suction power and noise level. Of course, there is no question of silent operation, and such Boost mode already works very loudly, but overall I appreciated this feature (especially since quite a few less powerful models work even louder).
  • The 2 electric brushes are perfectly designed for different applications. This doesn’t just involve a soft roller for floors and a bristle brush for carpets. Both heads have their own unique features, such as a laser for hard floors or pressure adjustment for carpets.
  • The vacuuming heads turn smoothly under the movement of the wrist. Maneuvering them is generally convenient.
  • Both electric brushes have virtually no problems with hair and dander tangling. This exceeded my expectations; I practically did not have to clean them at all! The result of a great design, as well as a system that automatically cleans the shaft of the electric brush for carpets. The one for floors, in turn, has such a structure that nothing is left on it.
  • Measuring collected dust particles by size is an unprecedented feature. Maybe it’s partly a fiddly thing, maybe it has an informative purpose, but according to my observations it works well. Well, and, as it were, it provides scientific proof of vacuuming efficiency.
  • The digital LCD display makes it easy to use (and looks beautiful). On top of that, it will provide you with quite a few additional settings and a few features, such as maintenance alerts. By the way, Dyson didn’t forget the Polish language.
  • The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra vacuums for a long time. Even omitting the second cell in the kit, it gives you 60 minutes on Eco mode, which, as you already know, is adequately powerful. Auto mode intelligently rotates the suction power (which, by the way, is another plus), usually reaching or exceeding 30 minutes. Only Boost quickly drains the battery (8 – 10 minutes), but it’s a mode for special tasks. Personally, I very rarely turned it on.
  • Showing the exact time until the battery is discharged. This way you know how long you can still vacuum.
  • The ability to easily replace the battery. In addition to the fact that the extra cell from the kit doubles the operating time, you have the option to buy a battery when the old one dies. I’m betting, however, that it won’t happen early.
  • Very rich equipment increases the application. You get a lot of useful tips, with which you can quickly clean various places and objects. In addition, the Extra version has a standing docking station, which is a nice addition.
  • The laser in the electro brush for hard floors works much better than LEDs. This is a technological innovation that takes a big step forward in this category. You will accurately see lots of particles on the floor, getting rid of them faster.
  • The vacuum cleaner and well designed, and well made. It looks modern, and its construction stands out for its tightness and great fit. Such a device will certainly not fall apart on its own.
  • The waste container offers adequate capacity. On top of that, the touchless emptying mechanism is pleasing. This significantly reduces the risk of raising dust into the air and any contact with previously collected dirt.
  • The 5-stage filtration system is a big plus, especially if you are allergic. The air released from the vacuum cleaner is cleaner than before it was pulled in.
  • Such a nuance, however, that I pay attention to: the filtered air flies out the sides, not directly at you.

Minuses of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra

  • It’s a shame that the Torque Drive electric brush for carpets doesn’t have a laser or LED lights. It does not illuminate dirt on the floor in any way compared to an electric brush designed for hard floors.

Features of the neutral Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Extra

  • I have large hands and long fingers, so when vacuuming, I was able to use my thumb to change the suction level. However, this does not work for everyone, and personally I always prefer it when you can quickly change the power for yourself without the help of the other hand. Nevertheless, I do not consider this a serious drawback, but more of a nuance.
  • The weight of the vacuum cleaner is also a very subjective assessment. This is a powerful and high-tech equipment, so necessarily it could not be ultra-light. At the same time, it is also not very heavy, hence the neutral feature.
  • Similarly, the issue is the need to hold the button to vacuum. Some people don’t care about it, while others get very irritated. It doesn’t make much difference to me, even though I’m used to models where you only have to press the button once to clean. Remember, too, that such a procedure improves energy efficiency, because in a sense it forces you to vacuum only when you need to.
  • I attributed the equipment a plus, as it includes plenty of features, but it’s a bit of a shame that there’s no short extension hose. It’s not an essential accessory for home use, but it sometimes comes in handy when vacuuming the interior of a car.
  • Paradoxically, the V15 is sometimes… too powerful. It’s about situations when you intend to vacuum something smaller and lightweight. Even a mini power brush can pull some material hard, so you need to hold it down. On slightly thicker carpets, on the other hand, it’s worth playing with the pressure adjustment of the electro-brush for carpets. However, this is not much of a hassle, after all, such is the effect of a very powerful air stream, so it’s hard to see this as a drawback, to say the least.
  • Dyson still has not decided to introduce a mopping function to its flagships. Personally, I did not count on it, although there will probably be a group of people who will miss this possibility.

Looking at such a long list of pluses, quite a few of which are strongly unique, I have no choice: I have to give the V15 the maximum rating, which is 5/5.

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