Cyberpunk T-2077 Watch

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The worlds of games and watches – they merge!

Let me start by saying that this watch has a very distinctive gray color. This is due to the material used in the manufacture of the envelope and bracelet – the company Palms chose second grade titanium. He has just a dark – compared to steel, gray color. It is highlighted by a fine sandblasted finish, which, by the way, provides a matte surface. The retro technical style is very evident.

The concept of the design and construction of the Cyberpunk T-2077 by Blonie watch is based on the ergonomic layout of its components, which is expected to translate into the comfort of its use especially by drivers. We have already described several times the Computron watch by Bulova, in which the LED display was placed in its lower part of the envelope, just above the bracelet mount. The unusual cross-section of the envelope was precisely due to the desire to increase the safety of drivers while driving. It was decided to design the wristwatch in such a way that it would not be necessary to remove the hand from the steering wheel to read the time while driving. This was an important aspect, because for this type of watch, reading the indications was possible only after pressing a button. This activity was a feature of “led” watches, which were very fashionable and modern in the 1970s and 1980s. Checking the current time, therefore, would have to involve letting go of the wheel with both hands – one from the need to press the button, and the other for setting the watch’s indications visible to the eyes. When using the Bulova watch, the driver was able to hold the car’s steering wheel steadily and securely with the hand on which the watch was. This is because the watch’s display located on the side of the envelope, above the lower bracelet/strap mount, where the time was indicated, was set in such a way that when holding the car’s steering wheel, as the rules dictate, i.e. with the hands in the “at ten second” setting, the displayed time was perfectly visible. In the T-2077 model it is similar.

Of course, in the city of the future, but also of lawlessness, where various dangers lurk, everything must be watched out for, every moment is precious, so here, too, it is necessary to provide a quick and easy reading of the time. The T-2077 watch provides just that.

The current time presented on the display can be shown in 12-hour or 24-hour mode. The problem of reading the time in the darkness of this timepiece does not apply at all. This is because always, in any situation, the activated display emits light. So it is readable in any lighting conditions. Importantly, also in bright sunlight all indications are clearly visible, legible. The yellow display and gray case, along with the shape of the watch, match the atmosphere I see in the game. Admittedly, I’m not a gamer, but the materials and screenshots that are available confirm that they create the perfect background for this interesting watch.

As I wrote above, activation of the time display is done by pressing the button. It is cylindrical in shape, with the front part filled with yellow lacquer. Subsequent presses of it change the indication mode to display seconds or date. On the opposite side, on the left side of the envelope, is a second, same button, which is used to activate the indication setting mode. A quartz movement powered by a CR2032 battery is responsible for the operation.

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