Calvin Klein Defy

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Defy represents the dusty and woody current, synthetic to the point of toothache. It’s some kind of imitation in the style of YSL Y, Sauvage or Invictus, but worse….

For a moment, the first ten minutes, it defends itself with bergamot in a fairly natural style, but even this bergamot is immediately presented on tons of the cheapest, chemical ingredients. After that, there is the drama of the lowest shelf.

Final opinion on Calvin Klein Defy perfume
Fragrance-clone, unnecessary on the market, like hundreds of others. In addition, striking by its low quality. Unmemorable.

character: between woody-accented and sporty

  • duplicity
  • low quality of ingredients
  • very chemical overtones

Notes: bergamot, mandarin, violet, amber accord, musk accord, vetiver, lavender, sage, cedarwood

Year of release: 2021 (in Poland 2022)

Creator: Anne Flipo
Price, availability, line: eau de toilette available in 50 and 100 mL.
Persistence: medium, about 5 hours

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