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Bosch HBG675BB1, which is a good catering oven from the even legendary 8 series from Bosch. Armed with many technologies, features and amenities, which I will discuss for you in this review.

The equipment bakes evenly, the hot air circulation system is the absolute best. You are not afraid that something will not be properly baked, there is no question of raw areas – even for the most demanding dishes. The crust will be crispy, and meat or fish dishes will be properly moist, juicy and browned.

You get a number of heating modes, such as a pizza function, several options for the grill (small and large area and air circulation), bottom heating, low-temperature baking, defrosting or reheating. Everything is aided by fast heating. You don’t wait long to start baking. The temperature reaches a maximum of an impressive 300°C.

There is also an AutoPilot mode. What does it consist of? It’s a kind of baking automation. You easily and quickly set the weight and type of food, and the oven adjusts the heating mode – with time and temperature at the forefront.

You don’t have to be a culinary master to properly bake more difficult dishes, such as turkey breast, roast romaine, chicken (without stuffing), stew, beef scions or pork neck roast. Nothing will dry out with this kind of ease of cooking.

I love the controls used in this oven, seriously. It’s based on a centrally located ring and touch sensors. Navigation is intuitive, you’ll learn it quickly, finding the desired baking options. A comparison of ovens proved to me that this is one of the friendlier control panels.

The cleaning method? The much-appreciated pyrolysis. After stubborn dirt, only a little dust will be left, which you quickly wipe off with a cloth. It also does not take too long for the chamber to cool down after pyrolytic cleaning.

On the minus side, the guides, as there are only ladders, and no telescopic (although you can buy them for this oven). It’s a shame, because the price is not low after all.

Instead, other things are satisfactory, namely the cool front, so no one accidentally burns themselves, the soft and quiet door closing, and the impressive design of the oven (which is enhanced by the aforementioned control panel).

According to the opinion of many service technicians, the Bosch HBG675BB1 is also one of the least failure-prone ovens, which crowns the positive opinion of it.

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