Hermes H24 Eau de Parfum

Hermes H24 Eau de Parfum had to appear on the blog, if we consider the level of the classic H24 EdT offshoot. The two compositions, by the way, have many elements in common, although it absolutely cannot be said that the new version is “only” an amplification of the original. Of course, all the bright points will continue to be felt here. So we have a fruity note, a’la watermelon or melon. We have herbs rubbed with sugar. There is also sage in the role of the main character.

Electrolux LOE8H31V Oven

The best white built-in oven? For many people, yes, which is why it made it to the oven ranking. Excellent equipment for roasting meats, because it offers a thermosounder. You’ll easily get the desired degree of baking by being able to determine the temperature you want the dish to reach.

How to do daytime makeup?

The main task of daytime makeup is to cover imperfections while highlighting a woman’s natural beauty. We usually wear this type of makeup every day for work, school or university. Wondering how to do daytime makeup? Read our article and delicate makeup will come out perfectly for you.

New Balance Roav v2

A shoe made for everyday use, quick/short runs, and working out is the New Balance Roav v2. It is effective for each of its goals, but not particularly effective for any one of them.

Calvin Klein Defy

Defy represents the dusty and woody current, synthetic to the point of toothache. It’s some kind of imitation in the style of YSL Y, Sauvage or Invictus, but worse….

Adidas Adicolor

There is power in color! Explore the Adicolor collection directly from Adidas and dress from head to toe in the brand’s classic offerings.

What really is the Nike Sportswear collection?

The Nike Sportswear collection was designed for all lovers of sports and good style. Often when going to training or competitions, we had to jump into ordinary tracksuits, which were far from the fashion canons. The Oregon-based brand’s designers have changed the outlook. They include many icons from Nike, which, after all, has a mega-rich history.

Samsung Dual Cook Flex Oven

That’s why I somehow don’t particularly like a good portion of Samsung’s Dual Cook ovens. But when the name Flex appears next to this addition… a lot changes. And it’s a big plus!

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Elixir

This is probably the “hundredth” version of the classic, but if it sells, I understand the brand’s move
For me, it is a composition very much in the style of the classic. The difference is that there are less cinnamon-tasty tones here. At the beginning there is a shadow of something that resembles an herbal landrace. Later, the composition has a bit of “fruity” accents, but just with something fresh – and not as apple pie-like as it was in the classic.

Traditional pendant lamp or unusual ceiling light?

The lighting, the strength and color of the light, as well as the appearance and character of the lamps chosen, have a huge impact on the design of rooms. Modern decorative trends are increasingly abandoning traditional pendant lighting in favor of more unusual solutions.