Adidas 4DFWD

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The adidas 4DFWD sole confirms its qualities
The most questions I’ve received from running friends have been about the practice of using the mesh: doesn’t anything run into it and block it. It turns out that it doesn’t, even though I run every day in the woods. The gaps between the individual fibers are fine in practice, and it didn’t happen that anything fell in there. The sole itself is flat. If I have had problems in the past, in other shoes, with pinecones, twigs, pebbles falling in, or snowballs accumulating, it concerned the sole underneath. Shoes with any holes or larger gouges in the sole can be very troublesome in the field. The 4DFWD is free of such difficulties.

Durability is a strong point of the adidas 4DFWD
Tests revealed no comfort issues. The upper made of PRIMEKNIT+ material is soft, comfortable and durable. After running several hundred kilometers in the 4DFWD, there are no signs of wear. The sole hardly rubs off, but it is worth noting that I run almost exclusively off-road. These are also only quiet runs, regeneration between stadium runs. I happened to run without the inner insoles, which I took out and forgot to put in – no problem. Under the foot, you could feel the slightly rougher texture of the sole itself, but the cushioning remained at a high level.

Softness, comfort and cushioning are the 4DFWD’s strengths.
I stand by what I wrote in the first review – 4DFWD are shoes designed mainly to protect muscles from breakdown. They will work well for long training sessions, and for heavier and slower athletes also for long street starts. Who knows if not for ultra’s as well. In off-road running, I did not encounter any problems, and the soles performed bravely on uphill and downhill runs. Heat and sand were not a threat. Slipping did not happen to me in them when I was chasing on wet pavement after rain. In short – shoes that you can forget you have them on your feet.

adidas wrote in its promotional materials that the 4DFWD are supposed to make the runner feel like he or she is running fast. It feels like it – the shoes seem very bouncy. Despite their rather high weight, they bounce pleasantly, but time measurements indicate that the speed is no different than usual on my route. That is, the forward-pushing, springy movement of the polymer is balanced by softness. It’s hard to say how the 4DFWD would have performed at a faster run – 3:00/km, for example. I spared it this type of testing, treating it as a shoe for run-ups.

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