How to become a decent goalkeeper in FIFA 15

There are numerous subtle tricks that you need to master if you want to be a decent goalie in FIFA 15! Here are those essential goalkeeper’s secrets:

Placing your goalkeeper

To place your goalie hold left L1 on PS4 to keep goalie in place. Most times it is quite suitable, but when it comes to corners and crosses, manually reposition is highly recommended if it is possible! The last thing you want to do is run around in the area. Some pro goalkeepers hate the L1 function due to script errors so they like to manually reposition themselves using L2. Holding L2 allows you to take smaller steps and to keep his composure.

Angle of the Camera

Change the angle of the camera for ‘Pro’ and it will be much easier this way. The camera is set behind the goal and follows ball position. Pressing select will change the position of the camera from behind the goal, which can be useful when the ball is above in the field. That will be the ideal position of the camera for controlling your goalkeeper.

Goal kicks and blocking


Goal kicks depends on your style of play and If you have a pro striker up front, then it would be an option. If you choose this route, do not apply full power to the kick. However, if you decide to go for wing you may want to apply the full power of the ends to run. Pro Goalkeepers may dismiss more than halfway line. Have you noticed a pro goalie throwing his arms in the air when the ball is in the box? This is because the pro goalie is spam on the pass button. Do not ever do this! This puts your goalkeeper in a state of trance that cannot make a move until a second later.
It is very dangerous!

Corners are tricky


Always stay on the line. Period. Hold L1 down and not pass spam! If you see the ball is crossed to the far post, go L1, hold L2 and positioned at the far post. 90% of the time the keeper fails to clear the ball over five meters, so the best practice is to stay on a line. Be prepared for trick moves and finesse shots. Try to get a good goalkeeper, if you do not have enough gold use Unlimited Free Fifa 15 Coins to get a perfect goalie for your team.

Remember that practice is all important in FIFA 15. As you master the game you will learn how to control your goalkeeper and make it perfect, almost unbreakable last line of defense.

Successful farming in Clash of Clans

Here is quick guide that will help you to start with successful farming in ultra-popular game Clash of Clans


Here are some basic tips for successful farming. Farming means successful attacking and plundering weaker towns and take their resources. Successful farming is based on trophies and Town Hall level as you will receive bonuses for attacking towns that are more than one level higher than your Town Hall.

Before you start successful farming, you should ensure that your town is built correctly to defend your resources. There are several strategies that you may apply while you are designing your defense. Very important is to protect your storages and place them in the center of your town. Another important point is to protect your Town Hall and place it outside your walls and by doing that you will have more room for storages. Do not put your resource buildings on one place, but scatter them all over the map. If you do not have enough resource  clash of clans cheats 2015 is one of the options.


Try to get around one thousand trophies as it allows you to get amount of resources without to battle against more powerful enemies. Do not rush to upgrade your Town Hall as your Town Hall dictates the amount of loot you can get. If you attack city with Town Hall that is higher than your level, you will receive bonus and if you attack Town Hall that is lower that your own you will only receive 50% of the loot. You will need to build strong army, and in order to do it, build at least four barracks to solve a problem of constant reinforcement. Try different combinations of Goblins, Barbarians, Archers, Giants, and Wall breakers. You can train Minions very fast and they can be very useful if you are trying to farm quickly and efficiently. You can calculate total cost of your army when choosing which Town to attack, because you don’t want your loot to be worth less than the troops you may lose. Try to find inactive Towns, with gray league shields, that is sure sign that it is not active for at least current season. Start your attack by deploying small number of units and send your troops in groups of four or five. You can use Giants as distractions.

First focus on the loot. Destroy storage and collectors and try to avoid usage of spells because they can be very expensive. The goal is to have huge destruction rate.

We are hoping that those tips will help you to have many successful farming raids in Clash of Clans.